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Pavlina Alea


Maiden name: Pavlina Paraskova


        "I have been passionate about drawing as far back as I remember. I saw a

curious bit of evidence in my medical records from age 2. The doctor’s comment

read: “The child’s favorite pastime is drawing”. There it was!

         I am a classically trained artist, born and raised in Bulgaria. The main

force behind the choice of my career was my father, an architect, who noticed my

natural talent and encouraged me to study art since the age of 10. Along the

way, I attended the Fine Art magnet high school in Sofia, where the contact with

talented peers pushed my skills to new levels. I later attended The National

Academy of Art, the most prestigious higher education art school in Bulgaria. I

would later earn my MFA in Painting from that same Academy.

          In 2002 I decided to further my studies in the United States. I moved to

Philadelphia, PA and was accepted to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Through my hard work and dedication, I became one of the most valuable

students in the Academy earning not only a full-tuition scholarship but also

numerous awards.

          Currently, I live in Atlanta, GA and I work as a full-time professional artist. I

exhibit my artworks in top rated art festivals around the country and I often travel

abroad in search of inspiration. I have completed monumental public art projects

in an artist team with my husband, Alfredo Alea.”


Artist Statement

       "I am fascinated by realistic settings with naturally formed abstract and surreal elements. These images are inspired by the optical effects and distortions created by the combination of light, reflection and water. The human figure/face is a common theme in my art. 


      The color schemes are subtle and vibrant simultaneously. I am naturally drawn to blues and I find it in thousands of hues when gazing at oceans. The movement of water is both calming and unsettling, creating the perfect push and pull which makes it feel alive but elusive. Reflections on its surface constantly change shape distorting reality into an exciting alternative universe.


      My swimmers are metaphorical monuments of a composite deity, they’re not just images of people exercising. These portraits and figures are larger than life and frozen in time, and to me they are beyond human. I guess I have intuitively created each one of them as my interpretation of a Rorschach test. In these faces and gestures I express the process of birth, life, and everything that happens in between.

      An artist’s mind is sensitive and curious to the changes of her environment and expresses these changes accordingly. We are not entirely unique, inspite of what we have been taught. Our skills, thoughts, ideas, and experiences have been recycled through generations of humanity. Thus, I see art as a lifelong journey and an exhilarating mode of expression."



Best in Acrylics - 2015 Old Saybrook Art & Craft Festival, CT

Award of Distinction - 2015 Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, FL

Best in Painting - 2015 Carnaval on the Mile, Coral Gables, FL

Best in Painting - 2015 Pinecrest Gardens Art Festival, FL

Award of Excellence - 2008 Brevard Art Museum, FL

J. Henry Scheidt Memorial Travel Scholarship - 2006 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, PA

Katherine-Alexandra full-tuition Scholarship for Sculpture - 2005 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, PA

Katherine-Alexandra full-tuition Scholarship for Sculpture - 2004 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, PA

Merit based Full-tuition 4-year Scholarship for BFA degree - 1998-2002 National Academy of Art, Bulgaria



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