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Public Art by Alfredo & Pavlina Alea

     Public art designed, fabricated and installed by artist team Alfredo & Pavlina Alea. These artworks were commissioned by public institutions. Alfredo's work can be found at and .

Shenandoah Aquatic Center

Public Art commission for the City of Miami, artists Pavlina & Alfredo Alea. Glass mosaic murals "Aqua Verde" and "Surfacing".


“Aqua Verde” is inspired by the perfect marriage of sunlight and water, the Yin and the Yang of two elements, creating a beautiful dance of glimmering colors and flowing currents. The hues are inspired by the beauty of the Caribbean sea with its deep greens, light aqua, intense turquoise, brilliant blue, and warm yellows. The shapes follow the natural flow of water creating a complex abstract fabric which narrates the story of life’s journey. This artwork symbolizes the transformative experience of being afloat on the water, both in a literal and metaphoric sense. The currents guide but sometimes follow the path of the sunlight in a symbiotic brace which takes one to a place of meditation and peace. The water is simultaneously reflective and transparent, letting you glance at its deepest depths while reflecting back the light, setting its own wavy rhythm which eventually syncs with one’s heartbeat. “Aqua Verde” is the pure imagery of life, a warm inviting ocean and the feeling of eternal freedom. A metaphoric fountain of youth which washes away the age and the gravity and lets one exist vividly in this very moment.

Miami Springs Aquatic Center

Public Art commission for the City of Miami Springs, artists Pavlina & Alfredo Alea. Six ceramic tile murals, aluminum wall sculpture, and 4 decorative fence panels.


This project involved various sites throughout the newly built Aquatic Center as well as various mediums. The artwork “Fluid Dynamics” explored subjects that are pertinent to water-based sports and the beauty of the dynamic chaos and patterns of water. We created an aluminum sculpture for the entrance column, six ceramic tile murals installed outdoors around the pool and water slide area, and four decorative fence panels integrated in the perimeter fence. As you can see from the slides provided in our portfolio, we have created multiple works of art in a unifying theme that are visible from every corner and angle in and around the Aquatic Center. Our goal was to accomplish a site-specific, multidimensional and uplifting public art integrated into the architecture and function of the Aquatic Center to create an immersive experience for the visitors.

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